"Dementia" ?

Interfacility transfer of patient from large hospital to a long term care facility 2 hours away. RN states that patient is “pleasantly confused” and “hard of hearing”. RN tells patient that they’re being discharged and that we were there to take them back home.. patient completely understands and states we need to move them using a draw sheet, since they can’t move their legs (no big deal!) Patient seems to be MOSTLY coherent, just as I was told.. UNITL we get to the ambulance. We could not have been on the road for more than 10 minutes when patient starts complaining that they’re “hot”… I remove one of their blankets and turn the AC on for them. 2 minutes later patient wants a “rag” with “water” on it and also, a bottle of water. I told patient that I had neither and that as soon as we got to the facility, we could get them some. Patient persists every 1 minute that they need these things and starts screaming and going into panic mode, telling me that they have a “bad heart” and pneumonia (I know what’s wrong with you past and present, I have your file right in front of me!)… eventually, they didn’t believe I was really taking them to the facility they were already told they were going to. Patient eventually, after multiple melt downs, arrives at destination… we’re walking in to facility and they look at my partner stating that they “can not hear” me because my voice is “high pitched” (whatever!) 3 nurses arrive at patients room to get report and help transfer patient to bed and one, not knowing patient is hard of hearing, whispers “hi” … MIRACLE ! ALL OF A SUDDEN PATIENT CAN HEAR AGAIN !! Patient proceeds to chat up the nurses.. a true MIRACLE! 

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The only things you need in life: dirtbikes and nature
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